GPTMillions is an iOS app which uses the ChatGPT AI engine to generate lotto numbers.

Out of the box you can select;

  • EuroMillions (Europe lottery)
  • MegaMillions (USA lottery)
  • Custom

With Custom you can defined any kind of lotto by providing;

  1. unique numbers e.g. 6
  2. starting number e.g 1
  3. ending number e.g. 42
  4. how many extra numbers are drawn e.g. 2
  5. starting number of extra numbers e.g. 1
  6. ending number of extra numbers e.g. 12

All the AI Chat bot responses are saved on device and you can consult them in the history list. We don’t store any of your information on our servers.

For tips, suggestions and support request contact us at:

Download here