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We are in uncharted financial times, where interest rates are going down and maybe even negative. With TestInvest you can simulate what your money could have made while investing it in buckets of Bitcoin, Gold, S&P500 Stock fund index and a dollar saving account.

You can select an investment risk profile to limit or expose you to a more risky investment strategy.


GoBrussels is an application that aims to help grow the local businesses in Brussels by providing interesting information for tourists but also for local inhabitants. The inspiration of creating it has come after the terror attacks and the decline of tourism in the city.

It contains over 50 Maps with specific information, click on the POI icons to see more details about them and let your iPhone route you to those locations. Most of touristic ones are curated by hand and selected by people who live in the city for long time.

For both tourists and for local inhabitants it contains useful information and links.

iReport Fire

iReport Fire aims to help people see and report wild fires, which are getting increasingly more dangerous world wide. You can use the app before traveling to see drought maps and reported fires. The following maps are available: Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and California. Further more we have permission to integrate the Windy.com live wind maps so you can see where the wind is going when you encounter fire nearby.

Doctor OLED X

This app is aimed for the iPhone X(S MAX), which have OLED displays. Those OLED screens should be handled with care. You can check if you have screen burn-in or image persistence via this application as well as see some Dolby Vision and HDR-10 videos to see the perfection of the display. This tool is great when you want to buy a second hand OLED iPhone and want to test the state of the expensive screen.


Vemasys allows you to manage your entire fleet of vessels using a single platform. The mobile app allows you to:

* Track your vessel in real-time

* View, manage and plan departures and voyages

* Manage your cargo

* Keep track of your invoices, PDF scan and upload invoices

* View maintenance/repair tasks

* View certificates and upload certificates

* Consult and enter reservoir measurements and engine data

Doctor OLED TV

This Apple TV App is a toolbox that helps you test the degradation of your OLED TV or the OLED TV you want to buy second hand.

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iReport Fire

Our iOS application has been ported to Android and it works together. Fires reported in iOS are also shown in this application and visa versa. We also implemented the drought maps here.