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Introducing AICoding, the revolutionary app that uses cutting-edge AI technology (the openai API) to generate high-quality code for the Swift and Kotlin programming languages. With AICoding, you can quickly and easily create robust and efficient code that adheres to best practices and coding standards. The app has the open source Swift and Kotlin Standard Library docs inside, just select a topic, item, and use the many preprogrammed AI prompt buttons to generate code and explanations for you.



The app “LisDog” is an innovative app that lists dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Lisbon, where dog owners can bring their furry friends and enjoy quality time together.

This app not only provides a comprehensive list of pet-friendly places in Lisbon, but also encourages dog owners to take their dogs with them on daily outings, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for both humans and dogs.

Research has shown that spending time with a pet can have numerous physical and mental health benefits for humans, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved cardiovascular health, and increased social interaction and sense of community. For dogs, regular outings provide an opportunity to socialize, exercise, and stimulate their minds, leading to a happier and healthier life.

With “LisDog”, dog owners can easily find new places to explore and spend quality time with their dogs, creating new experiences and memories that strengthen the bond between them. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee, having a meal, or just taking a walk, this app makes it easy and convenient for dog owners to take their dogs with them and enjoy the many benefits of doing things together.

– Cafes
– Restaurants
– Hotels
– Beaches
– Activities

Transportation modes:
– Train
– Metro
– Tram
– Ride share
– Ferry
– Tuktuk


Pitch-Black is camera app with some awesome features.

Beautifully animated previews, in big format, you see immediately if the photo is nice, and how it looks on printed paper.

  • Tilt2Snap, raise or tilt the phone to shoot pictures, no need to push a button, nor does the battery drain from showing the preview photo view all the time, can be switches off.
  • Selfie Burst, automatically take two selfies, that is what most people do anyway, also works with Tilt2Snap.
  • Auto Save Photo Filters, save all your photos in 10 beautiful filters, we have plenty of storage nowadays, so no need to edit photos later, just select the once you want to share and remove the remaining.
  • Tap icon for quick action: Sart Recording Video – immediately when you open the app, never miss a recording, swipe down to stop recording.
  • Tap icon for quick action: Start Shooting Photos – in the settings you can select a timer between each photo taken and an option to alternate photo taking from the rear and front camera, swipe down to stop recording.
  •  Preview modes: normal — with animations, fast — no animation, or off — save photo but do not show.

Rapid Sale

Scan – Order – Delivery PRO is the fastest available app to scan your products for ordering and delivery.

Scan barcodes, review totals, add the customer signature and mail the order. Easy as 1-2-3. User intervention is limited to the absolute minimum.

Scan – Order – Delivery PRO is a fast growing app on fairs and on the road !


Our screens are so big nowadays, why not give some permanent space to the camera!

  • Did you ever ran into someone while looking at your screen?
  • Did you ever stepped into something nasty while looking at your screen?
  • Are you sometimes too embarrassed to open the camera app in public, to check your looks ?
  • Did you ever got by surprise when people entered from behind?
  • What is your kid doing while you are surfing?
  • Do you like to surf with one hand?



GoBrussels is an application that aims to help grow the local businesses in Brussels by providing interesting information for tourists but also for local inhabitants. The inspiration of creating it has come after the terror attacks and the decline of tourism in the city.

It contains over 50 Maps with specific information, click on the POI icons to see more details about them and let your iPhone route you to those locations. Most of touristic ones are curated by hand and selected by people who live in the city for long time.

For both tourists and for local inhabitants it contains useful information and links.

iReport Fire

iReport Fire aims to help people see and report wild fires, which are getting increasingly more dangerous world wide. You can use the app before traveling to see drought maps and reported fires. The following maps are available: Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and California. Further more we have permission to integrate the Windy.com live wind maps so you can see where the wind is going when you encounter fire nearby.

Doctor OLED X

This app is aimed for the iPhone X(S MAX), which have OLED displays. Those OLED screens should be handled with care. You can check if you have screen burn-in or image persistence via this application as well as see some Dolby Vision and HDR-10 videos to see the perfection of the display. This tool is great when you want to buy a second hand OLED iPhone and want to test the state of the expensive screen.


Vemasys allows you to manage your entire fleet of vessels using a single platform. The mobile app allows you to:

* Track your vessel in real-time
* View, manage and plan departures and voyages
* Manage your cargo
* Keep track of your invoices, PDF scan and upload invoices
* View maintenance/repair tasks
* View certificates and upload certificates
* Consult and enter reservoir measurements and engine data

Doctor OLED TV

This Apple TV App is a toolbox that helps you test the degradation of your OLED TV or the OLED TV you want to buy second hand.

Google Play Store

iReport Fire

Our iOS application has been ported to Android and it works together. Fires reported in iOS are also shown in this application and visa versa. We also implemented the drought maps here.