MacOS Tips: Expand all in Finder

In the Finder when you are using List Views, when you open a folder, the content of the folder is collapsed by default. You have to manually click on each folder to expand its content as well. There is a faster method of expanding all the underlaying folders in one click and that is with: Option-Click on the triangle. Note this also works in other applications like XCode for example.

Bitcoin Full Node on Raspberry Pi 4 (remote install)

  Recently I’ve spend some time building a Bitcoin Full Node on my new Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB, to help support the bitcoin network. It was quite a challenge to get it all working, let me explain why. I started off ordering the following equipment on Amazon;* Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB* USB-C power adapter* 1TB SD Card* LCD screen for the Pi* Mirco HDMI -> HDMI My goal was to save money on an external disk and put the whole code plus blockchain on the 1 Terabyte SD Card. After several unfruitful attempts trying the installation, I finally found that

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