Really cool photo previews

Pitch-Black is camera app with some awesome features.

> Beautifully animated previews, in big format, you see immediately if the photo is nice, and how it looks on printed paper.

> Tilt2Snap, raise or tilt the phone to shoot pictures, no need to push a button, nor does the battery drain from showing the preview photo view all the time, can be switches off.

> Selfie Burst, automatically take two selfies, that is what most people do anyway, also works with Tilt2Snap.

> Auto Save Photo Filters, save all your photos in 10 beautiful filters, we have plenty of storage nowadays, so no need to edit photos later, just select the once you want to share and remove the remaining.

> Tap icon for quick action: Start recording immediately when you open the app, never miss a recording

> Tap icon for quick action: Record incognito video or photos, in photo mode you can select a timer between each photo taken and an option to alternate photo taking from the rear and front camera. This feature can help you collect evidence when you are in a threatening situation. The screen goes black and the phone does the rest, swipe down to stop recording, tap on settings to get return to normal screen brightness.

> Preview modes: normal — with animations, fast — no animation, or off — save photo but do not show.

Please provide feedback to 7redbits@gmail.com before rating, we are very quick with bug fixes and feature requests, thanks and enjoy!